How early do I have to book?

To book your underwater camera hire a few days in advance is recommended, but call anytime to ask if we still have availability!

How do we collect the camera?

We offer FREE delivery to your Cairns accommodation the evening before your Great Barrier Reef tour, then we pick up the camera from your accommodation the evening after your tour finishes. If you live outside of the CBD or  your accommodation doesn`t have a reception we can leave the camera at please call or text us on 0409994871.

Are the cameras easy to use?

When you book we give you a full demonstration video on how to use it. The cameras can have some advanced settings to use but can all be used as a basic point and shoot for ease of use.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to Cairns city and the surrounding areas.

How many photos and videos can we take?

We supply you with a 16GB Class 10 SD Card for use in your camera. This means you have around 2000 photos and 30-60 minutes of video available to you.

How deep can we take the camera?

The cameras are rated to go to down to 40 metres, this easily covers any recreational diving that you will be doing out on the Great Barrier Reef.

How long does the battery last?

We rent the cameras to you with a full battery in the camera and a full spare battery ready to go. The majority of the time 1 battery lasts the day, but 2 batteries will easily cover a whole days use. For any multi day camera rentals we also include a charger.

Can I shoot in raw mode?

The Canon G16 and the Canon G7X are both RAW capable.

What happens if I lose or damage the camera?

On the website there is a waiver form to fill in, you also will need credit card details for security on the camera. These need to be filled in before we drop the camera off.  Loss, theft  or damage will need to be paid for. Don`t worry though, the cameras take a lot of knocks and rarely break, and as long as you strap it to your wrist you won’t lose it!

There is an optional cover you can take for just $5 per day, this reduces costs if you damage the camera to a capped payment of $200.

How do I transport the camera safely?

We deliver the waterproof camera in a hard pelican case. they case will protect the camera against any knocks and bangs in transport. The case is bright yellow, making it hard for anyone to take it without you noticing!

How do I secure the camera whilst in the water?

The waterproof housing for the camera has a wrist strap, so you can securely fasten the camera to your wrist and not worry about losing it.

How do I book?

Please use this link here to book online.

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